Grails to use individual ivy cache location

Since developing Grails and other Java use the same Ivy Cache location, sometime will cause problem, ie, the exception of Class loading for SAXParseException, other class loading problem.

To give the Grails another location for Ivy cache some is need.

For using command line, edit the file <GRAIL_HOME>\bin\startGrails.bat


set JAVA_OPTS=%JAVA_OPTS% -Divy.default.ivy.user.dir=”c:\grails\.ivy2″

to the same location for adding JAVA_OPTS.

For the case of using Eclipse,  click : window -> Preferences -> Groovy -> Grails -> Grails Launch

Add New variable

Name : ivy.default.ivy.user.dir

Value : c:\grails\.ivy2

(value can be any path which is exist and empty)

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